Technical Questions & Troubleshooting

  • How reliable is the fingerprint scanner?

    IDKEY’s fingerprint sensor is very reliable. The fingerprint sensor in your IDKEY uses Sonavation ultrasound biometric technology and pattern-based matching algorithms to deliver a sound solution to your data security needs.

  • Is fingerprint authentication secure?

    When we decided to make IDKEY, we were aware of some of the concerns around using fingerprints to access secure data. IDKEY is built on Sonavation’s spoof resistant, patented ultrasound biometric sensor platform. Sonavation provides a secure, one-to-one match of an individual’s fingerprint.

  • What if I cannot enroll my finger on the device?

    If you are unable to enroll your finger after multiple attempts, you may need to try enrolling with a different finger. We recommend visiting the IDKEY enrollment tips page ( and using the IDKEY X Utility App whenever possible.

    If you are still unable to enroll, please contact for assistance.