Getting Started with IDKEY X 

Charge your IDKEY by plugging it into your computer for 2 hours via the USB cable provided with your device. Your device can also be charged using a wall power source.

*Your device will wake up automatically when it is connected to power via USB.


Enroll Your Fingerprint Using the IDKEY X Utility App

The IDKEY X Utility app is used to aid with fingerprint enrollment and updating the software on your device. Automatically, a shortcut to the App will be created on your desktop once the Utility App has been downloaded.

Windows Users:

Download the IDKEY X Utility App here

Mac Users:

The IDKEY X Utility App can be utilized by running VMware Fusion or Boot Camp (Apple’s dual boot software) and Microsoft Windows 7.
Directions to support Boot Camp:
Directions to support VMware Fusion:  


(Alternative Method) Enroll Your Fingerprint Via The IDKEY Deviceidkey-x-2-buttton

A successful enrollment is achieved by swiping your finger several times to create your biometric signature.

  1. To initiate enrollment on your device, simultaneously press and hold both buttons at the top of the device for up to 3 seconds. When released, the LED indicator will turn blue indicating a swipe is required.
  2. Slowly and steadily swipe any finger you wish to enroll (be sure to swipe the same finger throughout the enrollment process). You will use this finger for future verification. 3 green blinks indicate an image has been captured to create a biometric signature. 3 red blinks indicate an image has not been captured.

*Note: Your actual fingerprint image is not stored on the device.

*Enrollment Tip: Be sure to swipe slowly and steadily, avoid dry hands, keep consistent contact and even pressure with the sensor throughout the swiping motion.

  1. As you swipe, the device will analyze the images until an enrollment cross-match is achieved to create your biometric signature. Repeat step 2 until you have achieved a successful enrollment which is indicated by 4 green blinks. 4 red blinks indicate failed enrollment in which the device is unable to cross-match consistent images.


Congratulations! You are now ready to protect your digital world using the IDKEY X.


  1. However, if your device displays four red blinks indicating a failed enrollment, your device was unable to cross-match consistent images. Please repeat steps 1 through 3.


Re-Enrolling on Your Device

If you have already enrolled a finger on your device, you will have to verify with that finger before a new enrollment can take place.

To Re-Enroll:

*Windows users: You can use the IDKEY X Utility App to walk you through the Re-Enrollment process.

To Re-Enroll (Alternative Method):

  1. Press and hold the two buttons on the device for 3 seconds.
  2. You will then see the blue LED, prompting you to verify.
  3. After you have swiped to verify, the LED will blink purple to signal verification is complete.
  4. The LED will then turn blue, prompting you to begin the enrollment process.
  5. Complete the enrollment process.


Enrollment and Verification Tips

  1. x-swipe-backward-smDownload the IDKEY X Utility App if you are a Windows user. *Mac users: The Mac utility app is on its way. We will notify you when it becomes available.
  2. Ensure your device is powered by plugging it into your computer via the Micro USB cable provided in the box.
  3. Avoid having dry hands as it may hinder proper contact / coupling with the sensor during enrollment. If you do have dry hands, we recommend moisturizing.
  4. For stability, place the device on a flat surface. This will ensure a consistent and even swipe motion during the enrollment process.
  5. x-swipe-normal-smSwipe your finger down the channel parallel to the length of the device.
  6. Apply medium to firm pressure and swipe with a slow and steady motion starting with the first joint of the chosen finger.
  7. If you are still having difficulty, turn the device around, it’s OK. The sensor can be swiped in either direction. Then repeat Steps 3 thru 6.
  8. If unsuccessful, try swiping another finger as your fingers may have imperfections that may make it difficult to enroll (i.e. scars, cracks, dry spots due to chemical and solvent exposure, worn fingerprint due to heavy physical use, and ridge depth decrease due to age).




Using Your Device as a Biometric Security Key

Google 2nd-Factor Verification Security Key

Protect your Google account(s). Your IDKEY is a security key for your Google on-line accounts and is FIDO U2F ready.

Please visit to register your IDKEY as a Google Security Key.

For additional information on supporting Google 2nd-Factor Verification Security Keys. Please visit the following link:


Caring for Your IDKEY

Here are some tips for cleaning your IDKEY:

  • Clean the device with a slightly damp cloth (Tap Water/H2O) or with an anti-static cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials.
  • Avoid cleaning any part of the sensor area including the bezel.
  • Never use any cleaning agents or abrasive solvents as this may cause permanent damage to the product which is not covered by the warranty.
  • Unplug any external power sources and cables when cleaning the device.
  • Keep liquids away from the product.
  • Don’t get moisture in any openings.
  • Don’t spray cleaners directly on the device.